Wedding Season in 1920s Gatsby Style

Step into the Timeless Glamour of the Gatsby Era, unveiling Wedding Fashion That Transcends Decades!

June 20, 2023 | By Emily Aniston
Image: © A 1920s Gatsby Style Bride, Glamourdaze, Pinterest

Welcome to the enchanting world of the 1920s, where jazz filled the air and flappers danced the night away. As wedding season approaches, it's time to channel the allure and elegance of the roaring twenties. We will explore the influence of the 1920s on wedding fashion and provide you with tips on how to incorporate this timeless style into your wedding ensemble.

© Queensland wedding party, ca. 1920s, Wikimedia Commons

Capturing the Splendor of 1920s Weddings

Step into the dazzling world of 1920s weddings, where opulence and celebration reigned supreme. Picture an extravagant ballroom adorned with cascading floral arrangements, sparkling chandeliers, and ornate art deco details. The bride, with her bobbed hair and bejeweled headband, would make a grand entrance in a breathtaking beaded gown that shimmered with every step. The groom, impeccably dressed in a tailored tuxedo, would await her at the altar. The air would be filled with the joyful melodies of a jazz band, setting the rhythm for an evening of exuberant dancing. Guests, dressed in their finest attire, would join the newlyweds on the dance floor, twirling to the lively Charleston and reveling in the vibrant energy of the era. From lavish banquets to elaborate champagne toasts, 1920s weddings were a celebration of love, style, and unbridled enthusiasm.

© Cornelia & John Cecil, From The By Gone

Dressing for Different Types of Weddings

Whether you're attending an outdoor wedding, a destination celebration, or a formal affair, you can infuse your attire with the spirit of the 1920s. For outdoor weddings, opt for flowy dresses with fluttering hemlines and accessorize with wide-brimmed hats and parasols. Destination weddings call for beaded gowns or tropical-inspired prints, complemented by Panama hats and vintage sunglasses. Formal weddings offer the perfect opportunity to showcase floor-length beaded gowns. Don't forget to add long gloves and statement jewelry for an extra touch of Gatsby glamour.

Wedding Season Fashion: A Nod to the Gatsby Era

The 1920s, was a decade of opulence and extravagance, and its influence on wedding fashion is still celebrated today. With its iconic flapper dresses, dapper suits, and art deco accessories, the Gatsby era continues to inspire modern wedding collections. During this vibrant period, Marshall Field's, a Chicago-founded department store, made a significant contribution to the wedding industry. In 1924, at its Marshall Field and Company Building, the store introduced the practice of a bridal registry. This innovative concept allowed engaged couples to indicate their chosen china, silver, and crystal patterns to their family and friends.

Today, we pay homage to this historical milestone by incorporating the essence of the Gatsby era into our modern wedding season collections. Our fashion-forward designers have masterfully blended the elegance and sophistication of the 1920s with contemporary trends, offering a range of breathtaking gowns and stylish tuxedos that capture the spirit of the era.


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