Slay in Spooky Style: Halloween Dress-Up Inspiration

Dive into Halloween costume ideas, stirring up a brew of creativity and fun for an enchanting and unforgettable night.


October 16, 2023 | By Emily Aniston
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Halloween, the night where the supernatural comes to life, and creativity takes center stage. It's that time of the year when the spooky and the stylish collide, giving birth to some truly remarkable costumes. The excitement of choosing the perfect Halloween costume is unparalleled, and it's even better when you can channel the essence of your favorite characters. In this blog post, we've put together a treasure trove of Halloween costume inspiration to help you slay in spooky style!

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Hollywood's Hauntingly Chic: Celebrity Halloween Costume Magic

From the mesmerizing 'It girl' of the 1920s, Clara Bow, to the sultry 'Black Pearl' Josephine Baker, and through the glamorous eras that followed, icons like Cher, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Beyoncé have graced the stage of popular culture with their distinct styles and personas. The beauty of Halloween lies in its versatility, where these timeless and contemporary stars can inspire the perfect spooky transformation. Clara Bow's flapper charm, Josephine Baker's exotic allure, Marilyn Monroe's classic Hollywood glamour, Cher's fearless and extravagant fashion, Taylor Swift's elegance, Rihanna's audacious trendsetting, and Beyoncé's unmatched stage presence—all offer a delightful array of options to infuse celebrity mystique into your Halloween revelry. Channeling the spirit of these iconic figures can breathe life into your costume, adding a touch of stardom to your Halloween night!

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Halloween Costume Inspiration Straight from the Screen

Exploring classic characters from iconic roles in movies and TV shows is a fantastic idea for your Halloween costume. If you're inclined towards a darker aesthetic, drawing inspiration from characters like Morticia Adams from 'The Addams Family,' the vampires in 'The Vampire Diaries,' the enigmatic Mayfair Witches, the haunting Black Swan, or the alluring vampires in 'Interview with the Vampire' can set the perfect tone. On the other hand, if you're captivated by the charm of the 1920s, series like 'Downton Abbey,' 'The Great Gatsby,' or 'Boardwalk Empire' can transport you to the glorious Roaring Twenties. Don't forget to emphasize your eyes—euphoric eyeshadows akin to Rue's from 'Euphoria' can add that party-ready sparkle and give your look an electrifying edge, making you the life of the Halloween bash.

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Transforming into a Flapper Girl for Halloween

Embarking on a journey to become a quintessential flapper girl from the Roaring Twenties for Halloween is like stepping into a time machine of glamour and rebellion. To channel the spirit of this iconic era, start with the hallmark of the flapper look—a dazzling flapper dress. Opt for a knee-length, loose-fitting frock adorned with fringe or beading, and choose deep, rich hues to exude that mysterious allure. Accessorize with long strands of pearls, a feathered headband, and fishnet stockings to complete the ensemble. The makeup of a flapper girl is all about drama and sophistication—focus on bold, smoky eyes, rosy blush, and a prominent Cupid's bow for your lipstick. With every step, embody the confidence, freedom, and vivacity that defined the 1920s, and you'll transport yourself seamlessly into the Jazz Age, making this Halloween a vintage celebration to remember!


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